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World Travel Directory / Things to remember before you leave home
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Things to remember before you leave home

Below you will find a list of things it is important to remember before you leave home. Doing so will spare you a lot of problems and a lot of anxiety while you are on your vacation. This list is generic and not adapted to your specific living conditions. It is therefor better if you make your own checklist similar to this one. You can use the list below as a template and then add and subtract from it as needed. By making your own list you can make sure that you will not forget anything and you can check everything on the list off to make sure you didn't miss to do anything on it.


Home protection and management


  1. Have you put your mail on hold or have someone that can check it for you. This is important as a big pile of mail in your home otherwise can attract burglars.

  2. Make sure you have someone to look after your pets will you are gone

  3. Do you have anyone that will water your flowers while you are gone? If not, have you moved the plants into more shaded positions where they will need less water

  4. But your lights on a timer so that they go on and off automatically.

  5. Turn the radio on. Set it to a low volume to simulated a conversation. Talk radio work best.

  6. Notify the police about your absence

  7. Arrange for someone to mow your lawn or shovel your driveway while you are gone.

  8. Arrange a live-in house sitter if you live in an area where this is recommendable or if you have a lot of valuables in your house.

  9. Pay all bills that are due during your vacation

  10. Refill your prescription

Travel related

  1. Finalize your travel arrangements. Verify bookings.

  2. Make sure that you passport is valid and packed.

  3. Male sure you have all the necessary Visas and permissions for your trip. This include import and export permits if you plan to bring restricted items with you home.

  4. Make sure you got all necessary vaccinations. It is better to take one too many than one too few. Tourist diarrhea vaccines are always recommended. This is especially important if you are going on a short trip as a stomach illness in that case can destroy more or less all of your trip.

  5. Create an itinerary for your family where you list where you will be and how you can reached. Include important contact numbers on the list.

  6. Set an auto-responder for your email and a answer message for your phone.

  7. Make sure that you packed everything you need and that there is nothing you need to buy before you go.

  8. Last thing before you go, turn off appliances, water and gas. If you are going to be gone more than a few days you should also remove all perishables from the fridge.

  9. Bring out the trash.

  10. Check that you got passport, money, Visas, credit cards, meds, prescriptions, itinerary, tickets etc a second time before you leave your home. Check and double check that you haven't forgotten anything important.